Print Double-Sided to Save Paper


Many of us use paper everyday such as text books, newspapers and printing paper. How much used paper do you threw away every day? Do you actually know what the materials of paper are? I was quite surprised that I threw away a lot of paper everyday from Waste Assignment I recorded. Therefore, I will show the materials of paper, what the effect of using lots of paper and my personal sustainability promise to reduce the times of paper use.

Using a lot of paper will lead to global warming. In the journal article “Application of Spectroscopic Techniques for the Study of Paper Documents: A Survey,” authors report that paper is made from wood, rags or grasses. It is clear that using too much paper will reduce the amount of trees. Therefore, lot of carbon dioxide cannot be absorbed. However, in the article “Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide through Sciences,” authors say that CO2 is key factor that causes the global warming. Therefore, I want to address my personal sustainability promise form this environment issue.

My PSP is to print double-sided to save paper, because it is the easy way to reduce the waste of paper daily than other ways, and it is very efficient. For example, when you using printer, just put the double side button. If people use double-sided paper, the number of paper would be saved, which means the trees would be saved. Forests would not be destroyed quickly that absorbs more carbon dioxide. Therefore, it would reduce the risk of global warming.

Not only print double-sided paper will provide me a better environment, it also saves me the cost of the printing paper. Therefore, when I print the lecture notes or my assignments, I should print both-sides. I feel that it is not difficult to do it and I can save paper every time I print. When I print both sides of the page, I contribute my effort to avoid the phenomenon global warming.

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